Who is this Mud Honey?About Me Photo-01

I’m Jordyn Neerdaels, PR and marketing professional Monday through Friday, and a dirtbag, adventure seeker, and trail food chef Saturdays and Sundays. A born-and-raised Idaho native, I spent my childhood summers chasing rapids down the Salmon River and winters skiing Dollar Mountain in Sun Valley.

When I was a kid, it was an almost guarantee that if there was mud around, I was playing in it. Regardless of my parents and grandparents yelling at me not to get dirty, I had to have my hands, toes, elbows everything in it! I loved the mud, and I was going all in.

It may seem like a stretch, but that defiance and willingness to get dirty for something I loved has stayed with me even as an adult, both professionally and personally. I don’t want to just talk about a problem, I want to roll my pant legs up and wade right in to find a solution.